Kipling's Cat (mintogrubb) wrote in uk_cell,
Kipling's Cat

proposition before the Membership of the UK cell.

I have proposed that the following links be added to the User Info on our International HQ site.
I also propose that we make the links avialable here.
Will anyone second the motion? Anyone wish to speak against?
it now includes an annex that includes the Koran

ETA. The proposal is seconded, and if none stand against, it will be passed. If opposed, amendments may be tabled, and a vote will be taken. The motion will be passed in 48 hrs if no one stands against.
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Thank you. I will now allow time for anyone at work or otherwise absent from the terminal to get on line and cast their vote, speaking for or against.
As we are Uk based, I will check with the constitution and se what has been agreed in the previous polls as to what time period is considered suitable.
Although I've read this site and kinda agree with some of it (despite being religious) I wouldn't recommend actually linking it as it'd make members of three of the larger world religions against unitarian jihad merely for an internet link. It just doesn't seem a very smart action for a group which hopes to secure world niceness one day, to start by denying other people's faiths as some might see it. That's just my opinion of course.
Your point is taken. A vote will be proposed on the issue.

I will encourage others to comment and then vote.