Kipling's Cat (mintogrubb) wrote in uk_cell,
Kipling's Cat

Urgent Plea for Action

As a Jihadist, as someone who wants to see a better world come about, I make the following appeal.
if you decide that this is not for you, so be it - it is your choice. However, if you feel the way I do on this issue, click the link and pass it on.
yours in solidarity,
Bro Broadsword.
text as received:

... I need you to do something for me.

Every 3 seconds a child dies because they happen to be born poor.

If we changed 3 things - trade, aid and debt - that scandal would
stop. And on 8th July, if the 8 men sitting round the table at the
G8 summit think enough people want them to - they can actually do
it. Stop the deaths.

But to make that happen we need you to get 3 people you know to go
to and click on the button which
says 'JOIN US'. This is serious now - time is running out - we've
got 8 weeks. So please....

Do it now, email them, text them, call them, camp on their front
lawn - whatever it takes - but I need you to find 3 people who, like
you, want to stop this casual daily holocaust.

There are 56 days before the G8 leaders meet - this is our chance...
this is the moment when we can become the generation that refuses to
live in a world where 30,000 children are dying unneccessarily every
single day.

We CAN make poverty history. But we need EVERYONE to get involved.
It's time to really go to work on this. Please recruit those 3
people, right now.

If everyone who gets this message sends it on to 3 friends, half a
million people will join us this week - that's one hell of a message
to give out to our politicians.



P.S. Today Tony Blair received 300,000 white band card and email
actions already taken by people like you on behalf of the 2.5million
people now wearing the whiteband in the UK calling on him to make
poverty history, it is a great start.. but there is still a long way
to go. Click for more
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